Sunday, July 19, 2015

Another year

It is another year come and gone.  Today is the anniversary of my father's death and we once again visited Greenwoods swim club (the place of his death) this year for swim season.

The swim league was a big part of my Dad's life and I am hoping my kids continue to enjoy it.  Audrey started off the season a bit rocky.  She was not very sure about the group part of the swimming.  But she ended up really loving swimming.  I almost pulled her from it and then decided that if there were any days that she did not want to go to swim practice or did not seem to enjoy it that we would simply not attend on those days.  I was prepared but it ended up being the opposite, she started to really like it. During the lesson champs she was so proud of her accomplishment.  I thought of you Dad during this because I thought that although it was important in our family that no one quits what they start, at age 4 you would think the fun part was the most important factor.

Celia has had a great swim season.  We have stressed the sportsmanship factor and she has maintained all along that she really loves swimming.  In fact the day after championships she said that she was said about swimming being over.  When championships arrived, I did not expect a great deal from Celia.  She did spectacular in freestyle and in fact placed first overall in her age group for free!!  Her relay placed 3rd and Celia swam with a very powerful freestyle and almost caught up to the 2nd place relay.  They were not even close when she started her lap.  It was exciting.

All 4 grandkids were together for a bit this summer.  Here they are Dad.

Audrey and Emmett play so nicely together except Emmett would still like Audrey to be a boy.

Celia and Katie are best buds when she visits.

All is well Dad.

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