Friday, July 17, 2015


This little peanut I think is having a good summer

Swimming has been a big learning experience for her.
More so, learning to interact with a large group of people.
By the way this was at a little obstacle course they did at swim practice.
They jumped in and got a ride!

She would come back to get me after each lap for the first 3 weeks.
We are almost a solid 2 weeks without this happening!
She is also swimming a whole lap modified freestyle and regular back on her own.
Yup at age 4

And shh… Don't tell Pete

But I decided recently that as a kid I licked a ton of cookie dough beaters.
I survived.
Is it really childhood unless you lick a few cookie dough beaters???
And yes, she is learning how to dive.
I did not get the adorable photos of her trying to imitate big sis's race start.
She goes down the slide too.

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Diana Lesjak said...

Carrie... I'm still wondering how my generation survived - we licked beaters and spoons, didn't wear bike helmets and we did drink water right from the garden hose! Audrey looks like a great little swimmer! It's a great sport!