Monday, July 20, 2015

Celia Happenings

 This kiddo has been complaining lately that she just does not like her curls.
So one morning I offered to straighten them.
I held my breath and prayed that this would not be a frequent event.
This is how she felt.
She thinks she looks MUCH better with curls.
I would agree.

She enjoyed making ice cream in a bag.
Unfortunately the salt on the ice got into the ice cream bag.
So it was salty ice cream which she did not mind all that much.
She likes salt- Pickles and olives are preferred foods.

She made this with some friends.  But she said that she did the most and I believe it.
Inside the top shoe box are thoughts.  Very creative.
I took a bunch of toys out of the play room temporarily and added a huge box of toilet paper tubes and a giant cardboard box.  I wanted to see what they would do!

Swimming, swimming, swimming.  That is what the summer is all about.
Our swim team has over 200 kids, huge.  Celia is learning about cheering for her team and being a good sport.  She is also enjoying her glued to her hip buddy Vanessa.  To be honest our family has an equal admiration of her too.  But Celia has turned on the free style power in a few relays and in her individual races.  She just showed me today that she also knows how to do breast stroke and her butterfly is getting better.   Celia has also had to learn to swim in rain and down pours.  She has learned that in our swim league, we only stop a meet for thunder, lightening, and rain pouring down so heavily that you can not see.  If you think I am kidding, I am 100% not!!  But it adds to memories.

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