Monday, July 13, 2015

Fourth of July

We had a low key fourth this year.  It was not a very nice day, not super warm and rainy off and on.  The 4th of July party at our pool was postponed to the next day.

 The girls loved watching Pete's fireworks show
They also liked my little explosion
We have been doing a few science experiments this summer and one of the experiments
warned that you should not do it in a closed container.  So naturally, I wanted to do it in a closed
container.   So we tried it on 4th of July and it basically made a loud pop and blew
the container open.  The kids liked it.

 Audrey announced that this was the best day ever.  
So Pete evidently did a great job with the fireworks.
Celia's pose in her 4th of July t-shirt.

Audrey trying to do the same pose…
She had an adorable red, white, and blue dress.
Then I met Mom Mom at Kohls and she bought the girls each a dress.
Audrey had to put her dress on immediately.

But it was a nice, laid back and relaxing 4th!

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