Saturday, June 7, 2014


My girls love Science experiments and in general Celia loves Science.  It is actually an activity that I can pull out to create some calm in the house.  In our house it is Celia that is the hyper child, not the 3 year old (though she has her moments).

So last week Celia could not be settled so I pulled up my pinterest Science board and found something easy.  We learned about surface tension.  I grabbed a mason jar and the girls rounded up as much change as they could find.  Audrey and I filled the mason jar with water and they started dropping coins into the jar.

Celia and I talked about the fact that water droplets join together and that is what make's water have a higher surface tension.  I had the girls stand about a foot apart and I walked through them and then I had them join together, demonstrating that they were stronger together.  Audrey of course just liked dropping money into the water.

This I think will be a our summer of Science.  Celia loves it and Audrey loves experimenting.

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