Monday, June 16, 2014

Dear Toyota

Today I stopped at a stop sign while driving my 2010 Toyota Camry.  I went through the stop sign when it was my turn and a van drove right into me. I am told I spun around twice. I then went up over a curb and the car was stopped by an electrical pole.  I was not hurt.  The first words out of the couple that witnessed the accident were "Are you ok" and then "you have a really good car".  Yes I do and thank you Toyota.  The officer responding said the same thing and then that Toyotas are safe cars.  They were amazed that the damage was not worse.  There is damage but really your car did a lot of protecting.  My girls were not in the car but they would have been ok.   Thank you Toyota.

I should send that to Toyota, I just might. I am so grateful for so many things- the girls were not with me, it did not happen on the drivers side, and it was not my fault.  Accidents happen, I just never want to be the cause of it!  

The door was damaged inside a bit but Celia would have been ok if she was in it.  Shook up but ok.  There was some other spots but the doors took the brunt of it.  It will be at the shop for 3 to 4 weeks.  I did drive it away however I likely should not have done that as the repair shop said it should not be driven.  But hey I felt the wind a bit while driving.

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Diana Lesjak said...

So glad you're ok and that the girls were not with you! Hope the other driver is ok as well! Toyota and angels!