Friday, June 6, 2014

Last day of Kindergarten

So I did the crazy parent thing and Celia wore what she wore on the first day of Kindergarten today.  I was hoping it would fit and it did!  She held her chalkboard again and I snapped away.  I also got to see her jump to first grade at school.  They said it was a quick event and they were right.  The kids have spots on the macadam outside of their school that they line up behind each morning it says K, 1, 2, etc.  So Kindergarten jumped to 1.  The whole school (except 5th grade) jumps up at the same time.  If you blink, you miss it.

The first is her first day and the 2nd is today.  The dress is shorter, the legs are thinner, and the face is thinner.  She just stretched out!!  Oh and the feet are bigger, it actually is more of a change then I thought!!  

And Audrey- Last day with just Mommy for the summer

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