Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Audrey's Show

For so many years it was Celia's school's show.  Tonight it was Audrey's show and she shined.  She sang all of the songs and did exactly what she was supposed to do and we were proud (sort of amazed too).

And so I will show the pictures with our all time favorite song from their school.  I do not have permission to show you the other students faces so I can't show you the actual performance, plus most of my photos are blurred and for some reason my recordings did not work.

My God is So Big

So Strong and So Mighty

There is nothing my God Can not do for you

 The Mountains are His
The rivers are his

The stars are his handy work too.
My God is So big
So strong and so mighty
There is nothing my God can not do for you

And she can sing that, just like her big sis.

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