Saturday, June 28, 2014

Playing up Pinterest

So in the nature of our summer of Science and my attempt to actually use the activities I pin on pinterest, we did some marble shaving cream painting and rain simulation.

We first put shaving cream on top of water and then added food coloring drops and watched them drop through the shaving cream.  To be honest Celia had more of a scientific background on rain and the water cycle then I did so I just let her talk and pretended as if I knew everything.  I mean I really do but I was trying to use that as part of the lesson, yes, that's it.

I was very proud of myself.  We did the Science lesson then we just played with the shaving cream and marbled the colors and then the girls pressed paper onto the shaving cream to make pictures.  A 3 in one activity.
So at first Audrey was super concerned that she was going to have to put her hands in 
the shaving cream.  She has gotten A LOT better with getting messy but she is not about to put her precious little hands in that stuff.

This was Celia's marbled food coloring.  We used toothpicks.  Celia would have dove right into the stuff but it was food coloring and Celia would have had it EVERYWHERE.

We ran out of shaving cream and basically it was coming out in a bubbly mess which turned out to be really cool.

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