Friday, April 18, 2014

Swimming, Egg hunt, Palm Sunday

I sort of procrastinated signing Celia up for swim lessons.
A friend of mine recommended a woman that does private lessons at her house.
So Celia had her first lesson and it was actually pretty good!  It is a tiny little pool with an endless pool feature.  Basically there is a motor that makes it so you can swim in place.  It did the job and Celia was very relaxed.  In case you do not know but Celia had lessons at our local university when she was 3.  It is a program that is AWESOME for kids that need to learn how to be safe around a pool and it teaches them what to do if they fall in a pool, etc.  For Celia, unfortunately, it left her untrusting of swim instructors.  It has been a long road but we are getting there.  With the tiny pool, Celia felt secure.

 Ms. Hippoty Hop helped me set up for our Church Easter Egg Hunt
The hunt was a huge success and Celia was a great helper.
 She decorated samples for two craft tables.
I was in charge of the potted plant craft.  We ran out of pots part way through and it was interesting.
I am not exactly talented in the gardening department and well, the plants were in the pots and had dirt on them and I was just proud that I new to plant them right side up.   I also lead the 2 and 3 year olds in the egg hunt.  That was more my are of expertise.
 Audrey was there too, however I have little record of that.  See the girl in the corner of the picture dressed similar to Celia, that's her.  No idea why they were not together because they are ALWAYs together.
Oh there she is again in the corner with the bunny ears on, avoiding the actual Easter Bunny.
Our new children's minister is excellent.  The egg hunt was well organized and she even had the Easter bunny lead some dances.  Audrey gave the Easter Bunny a gift, it was super sweet, but she is still afraid of him.
Celia sung on Palm Sunday with the choir.  It was her second time singing and she did great.  All of the choirs marched in together and then stood at the end and finished singing the hymn.  It was short but sweet.  Later all of the kids handed out palms to everyone.

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