Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Healthy Running Kids an Update

So… our second week of Healthy Running Kids came and Audrey did a bit better.  Let me show you in pictures.

She participated in the stretching- last week she said no

Not sure what stretch they were doing here but at least she is moving

Then we get to the actual race.
Folks, she's cute, I need to lead with that.
So.. the picture is tiny and it looks like everyone is running.
Well, what you don't see is Audrey looking to the back at her at some random thing.
She missed the fact that all of the other girls started running.
This time when the director told her to go though she did not respond with "no", she started running

And there she is running
And there Pete is running with a bag of mini m&ms
Yep, we bribed her and we are not ashamed
Now she may have stopped 2x before she finished
She may have waved at who ever she saw a few times and stuck her tongue out like a goof
But she ran and she finished and we are proud
She has 2 weeks to practice as HRK is off for Easter

I really have no great pictures of Celia and that does not mean that I was not cheering her on as much as Audrey, it means that I was too busy cheering her on and searching for her among the pack of girls to take pictures.  Next time I will take more of Celia.
She had a harder time this round then last time and that is okay, everyone has good days and bad days.  She finished, she ran when they said go, and she kept her tongue in her mouth.  We are proud.  She had a busy day that day as she sang in church, had a playdate, and played outside for a long time.  Then when we got to HRK she chased Audrey around and around and around.   

Oh and I leave with this.  That is not the back of Celia's head.  You would think with all of the curls sprouting all over the place.  That would be Audrey's hair, go figure.  It is the humidity, wonder what the summer will bring.

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