Sunday, April 6, 2014

Healthy Kids Running Series

Last year Celia participated in our local chapter of Healthy Kids Running Series.  Actually the series was started in our area and has now expanded to several states.  This year we signed Audrey up to run. The kids will run races for the next 6 Sundays.  It is very well organized and last year Celia had a great time.  We were nervous this year because last year she only had to run a 50 yard dash and this year it is a 1/4 mile for her age group.

Audrey only had to do the 50 yard dash and she was very excited on the way there.  She was excited until they divided the kids into age groups to stretch and then she basically just stood there.  I tried to get her to participate in the stretching and she responded with a very firm "no".  So we moved onto the race and I thought that once she saw the other kids run that she would too.  So all of the kids took off and Audrey just stood there.  One of the race directors patted her back and told her to run and she told him "no".  So I came and ran with her.  She was not completely on board with even running with me.  She was a little more excited once she found out that at the end of the race was a toy plane.  Our as she called it a kite plane.

Celia on the other hand totally surprised me.  She lined up with her group and was sort of nudged to the back line and she was not happy about it.  I can read my daughter and she was totally annoyed.  So I thought, if this does not go well, I know exactly what she is going to blame it on!!  She took off at almost the very end of all of the girls.  Then she moved up a little further, they rounded a corner and she moved further up, and finally finished in the middle of the top pack of girls.  It was awesome to see her run and finish the 1/4 mile.  That is all I wanted her to do!!
Celia is the one in the long pink leggings

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Diana Lesjak said...

I love kids fun runs!! Love watching them stretch before to- they are so serious and ready to GO!! Looking good girls!