Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Dresses

The girls are very into dresses, they love them, especially Audrey.  I had my heart set on this very simple pink dress with a collar for Audrey and I was hoping she would agree.  I approached her the night before Easter and played up this "very extra special bunny pink" dress that I found for her.  It worked and she agreed to it.  Now for Celia.  I never know if I will win or not with her, she typically is okay as long as it is comfy and I pick it out the outfit for her.  Dresses though, well dresses sometimes go wrong.  I purchased a Jelly the Pug dress on clearance almost a year ago for Celia.  I loved the dress and I usually do not actually buy dresses in the store.  I usually get them from consignment sales.  So the night before Easter Celia asked me if we could pick out her Easter dress from her closet.  I had a few options but really in my mind the Jelly the Pug dress was it.  I told Celia that I had one in mind but it was up to her (because if I told her she only had one choice, that would backfire).  I pulled out the Jelly the Pug dress and she became super excited.  So I won with both girls.  That never happens, it was my little Easter present I suppose.

 The bunny ears were a crucial part of her outfit.

Audrey would not let me put up her hair, sigh.

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Diana Lesjak said...

Darling dresses on sweet girls!