Thursday, September 12, 2013

We had a party

I have avoided a kid party for Celia for a number of years.  This year I caved and we had a Sofia the First party.   Everyone was invited to come wearing purple, a princess dress, or just a pretty dress.  Now Celia of course wanted a Sofia dress.  The Sofia dress is in the store (not the $50 disney one) was on the smallest side.  It may have fit her but if it did not I knew she would still insist upon squeezing herself in it.  So my Mom and I worked together and made her a Sofia the First dress.  I am going to HIGHLY ENCOURAGE that it be her Halloween costume!!!

So I talked to Celia prior to planning for the party about gifts.  I want Celia to have a giving heart and to know that she is blessed with what she has.  Not to mention the fact that she is very loved by her extended family and is blessed every year on the presents department.  So I gave her the option, we could asks for her friends to bring donations for a charity called the Pajama Program or she could ask them to bring a small gift or to bring nothing.  We talked about it for a bit and she decided to have them donate to the Pajama program.  She did not even mention gifts after the party.  It did not phase her.

Audrey getting all princess pretty
 My sofia cake, with the white drippy icing, argh.  But it turned out ok.
 Some of our decor

 The little crown things on the coffee table were yogurt tubs I decorated.  The girls threw ping pong balls into them and then we totalled up the points to see who won.
 We started out the party by making foam crowns and beaded bracelets
 Our first game was kiss the frog (pin the kisses on the frog).  See Celia's dress!

 This cutey below was the best behaved at the party
 I forget what activity we lined up here, but it is a cute picture.  Celia's best buddy Amber helped us out, she was very helpful with Audrey
 Blowing out the candles!

The girls ended up liking all but one of the games.  We did the Kiss the Frog, The ping pong game, a scavenger hunt, and a balance a book on your head race.  The book game did not go over well.  The scavenger hunt worked out well.  The girls had to gather items from characters from Sofia the first.  I had pictures taped onto various things outside and they had to find them and collect items from them.

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Diana Lesjak said...

Happy Birthday to your Celia! My Mya also loves Sofia, the first... calls her Fia!