Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Organizing- Week 1

Pete is likely going to have some comments about my need to organize and declutter the house and to keep the house clean. The truth is it seems like I am in need of organizing and finding ways to keep our house clean several times a year or maybe all the time. He has commented that I love doing it and that frustrates me to no end because the truth is, I can not stand it. I wish that I did not have to think about it so that I could do some things that I enjoy without the guilt of knowing that I am neglecting something in the house. Now that Celia is in school full-time, the house is not constantly getting destroyed (Audrey makes a mess but not as much of a mess as the two of them!!). I feel like I just need to for once get things in order and develop some sort of a system that works. That is thing, I have never found a system that really, really works. I am sort of dedicating this whole year to trying my best to find that system. One way I know is to get rid of as many things as I can that we do not use. The reason I am giving myself a whole year is that I think it will take that long. I think that in order to know that a system is working, I need to put it in place for at least a few months. I know that at the end of the year it may still be a work in progress, but I need something to change! I find myself not even doing as much with the kids somedays because the idea of sorting through all of their craft stuff or play items, just annoys me. I tried to organize them and for some reason it just did not work, the system failed. So I have been scouring pinterest for awhile and looking at ideas. The truth is though, that is way more fun then actually tackling everything!! So I started this week by doing something that I basically always do every year, sorting through the girls clothes and finding out what is going to stay in the closets and what we need for the next season. I sort of goofed with Audrey. I have been searching for Celia's old size 3T clothes for awhile. I thought that I had a very good system for outgrown clothes, that actually has worked for awhile, but I messed up my system. I filled the top half of a box with size 4T. So I went to that box several times and would sort through the top half and only find size 4T and assume that the whole box was 4T. So I saw a bunch of pants at a consignment sale for 50 cents each, they were all very cute, and stocked up. This morning I decided one more time to check that box and I sorted all the way through and well, Audrey has ALOT of pants in size 3T!!! She is currently fitting in size 2T without any issue but I figured later in the winter we would need a size up. Now I am thinking that I will be hemming some of the size 3 pants just because there are so many, might as well make use of them now! My goal for this coming week is to continue my sorting and get bags together to donate, consign, or trash. Along with that I want to create a binder for Celia's school items that are sent home and update Audrey's school binder (they give us one). So I am using this blog as accountability. I am going to update each week on my progress. Perhaps my dear husband will join in on my effort a bit, who knows.

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