Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our Lunch Date

For the past few years at the beach I have taken Celia out for some Mommy and Celia time.  This year I decided to do it at lunch.  She has become a bit picky when we go out so I figured that lunch would be easier.  She chose pizza which was perfect for her and I actually got a slice of veggie pizza which was awesome.  After we ate pizza she played on a little playground for a bit and then we went into one of the nearby stores.  I was excited to find rashguard swim shirts on clearance for a super deal.  I love rashguards because they protect my kiddos from the sun and the biggest plus is less sunscreen to put on.  Honestly anyone that has kids knows that applying sunscreen on a squirmy kid is not fun.

So Celia had some fun with the sunglasses in the store.

We then headed to another store for some ice cream.  After that Celia really wanted to try out the bumper cars.  I was very hesitant and warned her that it might be too pricey.  I also was concerned about the pizza and icecream in her little tummy and adding in some bumping!!  Well no fear, we went in and found out that the bumper cars were $12 for 5 minutes and decided that was RIDICULOUS.

I enjoyed our little Mommy and Me date a lot and hopefully Celia will enjoy it for many years to come, likely until she reaches 13??

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