Sunday, May 19, 2013


We had a rather low key weekend.  Yesterday was nice out but today was a drizzly and not as warm day.  We ventured out for various trips.  Audrey and I went to the grocery store, Pete and Celia went to Target, and the whole family went out to get froyo.  On the way to Target Celia became upset because they were going to pick up something for Audrey and not for her.  What you ask were they going to pick up for Audrey???  Her reflux meds.  Yep.  Pete briefly had a discussion with Celia explaining that it was just yucky medicine.  Evidently she was not to be overly reasoned with because she still saw the injustice in the fact that they were going to Target to pick up something for Audrey.  Celia is so neglected.  I shall pick her up some Cod Liver oil next time.   I have to note that while they were at Target I had to briefly reason with Audrey that she was not in need of a particular bottle of hairspray.  We passed this shiny, golden bottle of big hairspray and I guess it interested her.  Admittedly if you have ever seen her hair after a nap it may be worth a try.
I love Audrey cocked head in this picture

Celia is into the whiny, I have nothing to do state.  This summer should be interesting!!  Perhaps I will be glad that I am working some.   We will have fun, but those rainy days may be interesting....  When Celia does find things to do she is good at entertaining herself for awhile but she does not like to clean up at all.  She will avoid it at all costs.  This has been from day one with her but now her messes get quite extensive!  Audrey is at this point fairly good at cleaning up her messes and sometimes helps out with Celia's messes.  When they both play together I am well informed by Celia as to who got what out!!

We are in the process of sleep training Audrey yet again.  She has been awful lately with falling asleep so Thursday evening I had it and told Pete not to go in there anymore.  We hung tight and baby girl fell asleep around 10 pm, Friday was the same, last night was around 8:00 I believe, and tonight she basically only complained a few times and was out.  I would like to think we have accomplished what we wanted however Audrey might just be exhausted and is resting up to fight us again tomorrow night.    Audrey is super into "I do it myself" lately and that is getting so old!!  But every toddler goes through it I suppose!

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emma @ a mom runs this town said...

Oh the "I don't have anything to do stage" Sounds fun! Good luck with sleep training. Amazing how that doesn't come as naturally as everything else huh!?