Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Audrey fights for Justice

So I know that Audrey is usually the problem in fights with Celia ( although Celia does like to press her buttons) but last night she stuck up for her rights.  Audrey got out her mega bloks and was building with them.  I was downstairs and I heard a lot of yelling. 

 I came up just to see Audrey standing up and yelling at Celia " Boo, that's not fair, that's not fair, give them back.  Boo they is mine, that's not fair".  

Celia then told me that Audrey took a block and her tower fell down and Celia needed the block back.  I wish I had a picture.  Audrey was still standing there and looking furious and I saw the issue.  

So Celia divided up the blocks between the two of them, Audrey got 4 blocks and Celia got the rest of the container!  Celia was convinced she was in the right, that all Audrey needed was the four.  

I then learned that even though Celia gave her the 4 she later decided she needed just one more and took it from Audrey and that was the last straw for Audrey.  I hope she continues to hold her ground and stick up for herself!  Of course Big Sis needs to now realize that Little Sis is totally aware of everything now.    

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