Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Audrey

I was not overly thrilled to trek up tp Audrey's room to threaten her not to pee on the bed. As I walked in her room she was tossing her diaper over the edge of her bed. Typically if we do not catch her she then pees in the bed so we are forced to come in. Yes she is that fun at night.

So I entered and said " Oh no, oh no you are putting that diaper back on and keeping it on even if i have to tape it on you. This is a problem kiddo."

" Oh no Mommy, I not a problem, i not a problem, I Audrey Mommy. I not a problem Mommy"

If she only knew. I love her to bits, but she keeps us on our toes. Ask me at the end of the summer how I like running after my not a problem kid as she tries to jump in the pool any chance she gets! And you can be sure that if she continues to take that diaper off that there will be tape involved.

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