Thursday, May 16, 2013

Celia's Recap

The healthy running kids series was a very nice experience for us.  We expected very little of the program as no one I talked to had heard about it.  I was pleasantly surprised and I wish more people knew about it and I wish it was not just during the spring!  Celia had a great time doing the 50 yard dash.  It gave her confidence, some exercise, and it allowed her to see that winning does not matter.  Next year she has to do the 1/4 mile and we will start practicing at least a few weeks before it!!

So Celia never really learned how to do a great start, she was too nervous about making sure that everyone started.  I guess she did not want to have a false start.  But once she started she had some good pick up and she seemed to have fun running!  She also had fun watching a friend in the 1/4 miler run.  I thought that was great, learning to cheer for others is certainly very, very, very important.  Trust me spectators at races are likely the most influential motivation you can get!

Check out those long legs!!!

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