Monday, February 18, 2013

Sorting colors with pom pons

Audrey loves to scoop pom poms in and out of containers.  I have looked for cheap pom poms at craft stores and I have not been impressed with the prices so we have had a tiny container.  I never thought about the dollar store until we saw them there today!  So we have a tub of pom poms and we decided to sort some colors.  She does a great job sorting and she is not consistent with colors (can match anything and even understands how to play bingo games so I guess she excels in other things!).  Oh and she is doing very well with scissors now too!!

Here is a video of her sorting, and her cute little self.  Pardon Celia's complaining in the background.  She was pouting because I accused her of cheating in a game we had just played (while I was helping out with something for a few minutes she chose to take 3 turns when it was my turn and filled up her game board).  She then was upset because I decided to play with Audrey.

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