Saturday, February 2, 2013

Fun with photo booth

Celia and I had some fun with our new MacBook Pro!  It is awesome to have a computer that starts up in less then 20 min and opens applications consistently, or even runs for that matter!!  Poor Celia suffered from her first case of strep throat this past Thursday.  She had a very sore throat and a high fever by the time the doctor saw her.  Pete took her and was texting me during the visit.   I suspected strep right away and was fearful that the doctor would just say it was virus/flu and not test her.  The doctor actually did not think it was strep but cultured her throat just in case and we are glad.  Two doses of antibiotics and Celia was 100% except for a small appetite.  By last night the appetite was back.  With all that is going on, I actually was very happy that it was something that could be treated and be done with quickly.  She has 2 birthday parties this weekend so she is excited that she can go!!

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