Sunday, January 20, 2013


We love our membership to a somewhat nearby Arboretum.  We typically go more during the spring and summer however we ventured out there a week or so ago.  It was supposed to be in the mid to upper 40s well while we were there I do not think it made it out of the 30s.  I under dressed Celia a bit and although we had a great time we were a bit chilly by the time we left.

I decided not to bring our BOB stroller with us for Audrey but I grabbed my Ergo carrier just in case and put in my book bag.  I was glad I brought it, Audrey fell asleep on the way there and when we got there was not interested in walking.  So I put her in there and she was ok.  The only problem was that she wanted to switch between going in the Ergo and walking so I had to keep taking her in and out.  I finally put it in the backpack and pretended I could not find it.  My typical plan anyhow is to wear them both out so that they take a great nap or quiet time.  So I needed her to walk!

The tree houses that we love were all closed for the winter but they had a chair display that was up for the most part (minus the hammocks and a few other things).  We liked walking through some of the trails and looking at a few troll houses.  It is a very kid oriented Arboretum and there are supposed to be miles of hiking trails that we have not explored as of yet.  One Wednesday I need to take Audrey out there for a walk.   I am not sure about pushing both of them in the BOB duallie on an unpaved trail, a great stroller, but a lot of weight to push!!

There is a bell attached to that string!

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