Sunday, January 13, 2013


So I thought I would update on this little one.

So current favorites:  playing with boxes (no kidding, sobbed when i put one of them out for recycling this morning), girly legos, crafting, games, religion (honestly), watching Arthur (still!! We more then 2 years into Arthur I think and I am okay with that)

Current dislikes:  Being cold, not really a current as a has always been true, except now she can verbalize her grand displeasure,  foods that offer the least bit of spice or herbs for that matter but give her a raw veggie and she will never complain, getting anything smaller then Audrey, getting her hair brushed or washed

What she is doing:  She can read and I am not just talking about "at" "sat" "fat", I mean like "swimming", "fish", " black".  She needs to practice reading more to increase her fluency but she can sound out most decodeable text.  The unfortunate part of this is that she does not seem to enjoy it at all.  Once she gets into it and settles down with me she often appears to enjoy it, but will never admit it.  She loves listening to stories, especially biblical stories.  She is a great little artist and loves to let me know about new things that she can draw.  Her handwriting is getting to the point where I have to ask her if a teacher wrote something for her and 100% of the time it was her writing!!

She seems to be enjoying the decreased time at school, which I am so surprised about!  She loves, loves, loves going to school however I think she likes the relaxed no rushed days off.

Talking to her teacher, she has told me that Celia is a little too social sometimes at circle time but she receives ques to "make a good choice" when she chooses who to sit next to and she does a good job.  So sometimes I ask her if she make a good choice with choosing who she sat with at circle time.  Her teacher has also shared that Celia she believes is a born leader.  I love how every year a teacher puts a spin on "bossy" instead of just saying bossy.  We have heard assertive, loves to be in charge, knows what she wants, likes to direct, etc.  So now she is a born leader but her current teacher is very detailed with why she is not bossy but a leader.  So this is her explanation and I should clarify that I would actually say that Celia's extreme bossiness that started at age 1 has decreased every year so I guess I would agree with her.  Keep in mind that at age 2 she said that her favorite person was Benny because he did what she told him to do.  Okay so Ms. Shelley says that Celia can see the solution to a problem before most other kids and so she knows how to plan it out and direct others to fix or solve it.  It is hard for her to understand that others do not see this immediately but she typically will stick with her friends and is getting to understand more and more.

Next year is kindergarten!!!  I wish I knew where she was going.  Argh.  We have no full day kindergarten in our district but we are trying to get her into a small quaker school and I am shedding lots of tears over the financial aide packet in which I often think I am done and then promptly discover I have missed some big.  Like I did Friday night so my new deadline is to have it done by tonight!

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