Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Our Year

January:  So Audrey continues to be very high maintenance but she is cute so we accept it
We enjoy our one and only snow storm.  Okay Celia had fun, Audrey fell in the snow and ranted at me the rest of the day.  Celia had a great visit from Grandma Jean who read at her school in previous years.  Grandma Jean from what I am told retired this current school year after reading for many years to the kids at Celia's school.

February:  We are enjoying the lack of snow this winter and the warmer temperatures.
We have a blast at Longwood Gardens!!

 March:  Celia starts potty training Audrey, ha ha!!  Miss. Audrey is well on her way though at this point to using the potty full time, she just needed to wait a few months.
She loves to do anything that big sister does.

April:  My Aunt's and Cousin came to visit the girls.  We had a great time!!
We also took a trip to see my Mom and my sister was there too so it was a fun time with all of the cousins.  Oh and this is by far my favorite picture of Audrey!!

May:  We had fun at Tyler Arboretum's chair exhibit.  Okay, so most of us had fun!!

We finished out the school year and started a fun filled summer!!
Audrey officially potty trained (during the day) about 3 days after school ended

July!  We drove to Nashville to see my sister's family and to bring my niece Katie back.
We had a great time but it was a long trip with 3 kids!  They all did great and we had another fabulous week with Katie.  She is most certainly Celia's best bud.

Fun, Fun, Fun at the beach!!  We had another fabulous vacation in North Carolina
Sigh, I wish I was back there right now, oh but the warm weather would have to be there
We did discover that Audrey really, really, really does not like sand nor ocean, but loves the pool.

September:  Happy Birthday Celia!!!
We celebrated Celia's 5th birthday and she started her last year of preschool with the most amazing teacher that ever existed

October:  We had a great Halloween and enjoyed some unseasonably warm days.  Celia loved playing in the Fall leaves.  I ended my 11 years working full time with my school system and switched to work as a Preschool Special Ed Teacher.  Pete is doing okay too!!

I am working part time now!!!  Yeah!!
We celebrated Thanksgiving with our family and enjoyed Celia's final Thanksgiving show at her school.

We celebrated Audrey's 2nd birthday and enjoyed her happier personality coming out!

We had a great December, especially our visits with all of our family.  
The girls dressed up very pretty in their Christmas dresses for church and we were so grateful that our neighbors could join us this year at church!
We had to say goodbye to the best Great Grandpa this month, Paw Paw.  He will be missed.

We are looking forward to a fantastic 2013!!!

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