Friday, January 4, 2013


We were away when our area had a small snow storm.  I think there was about 2 inches on the ground.  When we returned from our trip, some snow still remained.  Celia wanted to go out and sled and build a snowman.  Umm  no can do.

So I promised her that after some quiet time she could go out in the snow.  I thought she would lose interest. Nope.

After quiet time, girl friend got on boots, mittens, and warm pants and went out on our deck to plan in the inch of snow.  15 minutes later she asked to come in because she took off her mittens and her hands were now cold.  I am told to buy her better mittens.  After an exhausting argument over the fact that if she had kept them on then her hands would have been okay and having a 5 year old come back with things that I have no answer for I finally agreed that they were awful mittens.  We did agree though that she will have to live with them this winter.  They are waterproof, great mittens if you keep them on your hands!!

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Stacey Nicole said...

I live in NE Texas, and we received an inch of snow on Christmas Day. The boys (four and two) were very excited. They lasted about ten minutes outside each time they went outside to play in the snow the next day. They may have lasted longer had they had mittens (not something we think about since we do live in Texas), but I have a feeling they would have stripped theirs off anyway. Glad she got to enjoy the snow, as little as it was. There's something about snow that excites children, and I love it. :)