Sunday, January 6, 2013


Okay, so some people now that at one point, a few years ago I suppose, I was somewhat of an athlete.  I have a number of marathons under my belt and at one point was a nationally ranked racewalker (okay, details, details so I was only ranked for a few days when there was another race and someone easily beat my time but I always have to throw that out there).  And yes racewalking looks really, really, really odd but how many of you can say they have sprint a 10 min walking mile???  I was also a coach for a marathon team for about 8 years.

Any whooo

Guess what I am doing on May 12????  I signed up for this

I am only doing the 1/2 marathon and quite honestly I think 1/2s will be my limit for quite awhile or forever.  Honestly as I look back to how I felt after my full marathons I can't say I have a huge desire to try them again!  This time I will be trying to run/walk it.  I would love to racewalk it but time is likely not going to allow for that training.  We will see if my body cooperates.  

So Grandpa are you interested in cheering again????  I plan to have Celia as my cheerleader there.  Won't she be thrilled???  I mean after the first hour she will want to see more and more and more runners, right???

I do not know if my poor hubby is thrilled.  It is so great to be the spouse of a marathoner and stand outside for hours cheering them on.  I mean one of the ones I did ended in rain and he was so very excited about that!!!  I mean he got to walk through the awesome streets of Baltimore city to cheer me on.  Sarcasm is involved here folks.  To be quite honest, years ago, he was my best cheer leader.  My Mom was a very close second, she only gets a mark down for holding my cheer sign upside down at the Virginia Beach Half.

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