Saturday, December 8, 2012

School pictures

The girls had school pictures taken the first week of November and the came back shortly after Thanksgiving.  Audrey did as was expected and would not smile and basically looked mad in all of the pictures.  So I did not purchase her photos.  I purchased a sheet of Celia's photo (Grandparents you are getting a copy).  They sent us a copy of the girls photo with a flyer to buy more online (grandparents I do have the website and code, but really the girls did not show off so they are not fantastic, photography was great, it was the subjects!!)
So here is the photo of Celia and the one of the two of them.

This is the best Audrey did!

Honestly I enjoy the monthly photos sent home from their teachers better then the posed school pictures!  Audrey's teacher is very diligent about sending home special pictures each month.  We get some from Celia's teacher too but they tend to display them for longer periods of time in the classroom and then we get a stack.  For Celia, I love seeing them up in her classroom and outside of the room!

I have to say though, Celia is so pretty in the picture.  I love that shirt on her.  It was not a cool shirt to her until her Best Bud Amber said "Oh I like that shirt" and then it was ok.  Thanks Amber!!

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