Sunday, December 16, 2012

Putting up the Tree

Each year we hike far and wide, through the cold and rough terrain to the closet where we excavate our large bigger then a pinecone, christmas tree.

Audrey was basically a pest during the whole decorating project and we went over the "pretty, don't touch" part of the Christmas tree. She nodded knowingly and then proceeded to touch every part of the tree that she possibly could. We have been through the lesson a few times over, a time out drove the lesson home. In fact the other day, I moved an ornament and was told "pitty don touch".

Audrey hitting the egg nog (kidding)

I am always amazed that there are not more trees out there with a piglet angel on top of the tree.

Oh and by the way, a strand of christmas tree beads is on sale at Target for $2 a tube and it provides quite a lot of entertainment for the 12 month to 2+ age group. Celia even was occupied for a short time. Heck, I played with them for a bit.

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