Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Audrey's ongoings today

Audrey came to Target with me this morning. She likes Target and she is typically very good. Today she was good but chatty. She has learned the word buy and i guess somewhat knows the meaning of it.

I was looking in the clothing area and she was not as thrilled with it but i let her play with a toy tiger and she was ok.

I held up a sweater and Audrey looked at it. She looked at me and said "No Mommy, i don't like that". She then pulled the closest thing next to her, bright pink sequined tank top " mommy buy". Mommy chose to make neither purchase but the lady near us thought it was funny.

We went to her clothing area and she caught sight of a very boyish looking elmo shirt. I told her it was for boys and she put her pouting face on and then said "I want boy". umm no.

She is accustomed to visiting elmo in the toy section but this was the first time that she called him nonstop when we caught sight of the toy section " Elmo, Elmo" was called until we reached him and then she said "There he is". Weird thing is, she never wants to bring the elmos home. She did however want the majority of the christmas light boxes, go figure.

I bought some hair bands for Celia and Audrey spent a good five minutes trying to put the whole pack in her hair ( while still attched all together). She was not the least bit succesful and they were thrown in the back of the cart. Audrey did declare her hair "pretty" so I guess they helped!

When it was time for nap, Audrey became very sweet.
"i cuddle mommy, here mommy mote (remote)"

"you think mommy should watch tv and you can cuddle with me?"

Nods head emphatically

I decided we woild relax for a rew but when I turn on the tv I heard

"Mommy, watch elmo"

You think I should watch elmo?

A big nod, cuddles in with me, then cries when Mommy does not watch elmo but instead carries her up to nap.

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Amy G said...

Maya wants that Elmo shirt too! I've been tempted to buy it and pair it with a girly skirt!! She too visits Elmo (as well as Cookie Monster) in the toy section!