Saturday, December 1, 2012


I have struggled some with the mix of both Santa and the true meaning of Christmas with Celia. I have somewhat let her take the lead and Pete and I do not push Santa. In our house he exists but we really do not bring it up a lot. Celia is more into the Jesus part of Christmas this year so that is what I am trying to reinforce. She receives that push at school. I downloaded a day by day ebook of advent crafts that correspond to bible verses. There is also an interpretation of the verse for little ones and me because i have a hard time too. So here is the first craft. We read a verse from Isiah, talked about it and then made it. She also made frosty with my Mom.

Sunday we had an advent festival at church. Pete did an amazing job making our advent wreath, I was Audrey's tour guide of the pottys at that time. She evidently likes the toilets in the adult bathroom. Friday night we saw our town's annual Christmas parade with a good size group of adults and children. We had a blast hanging out with everyone and watching the parade. The adults even had fun watching the parade and sipping their "coffee". You can imagine why i put the coffee in quotes, some had too much of that special coffee.

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