Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Family

Growing up I spent a good amount of time with my Dad's family.  I have so many amazing memories with my time spent with my Aunts, Uncles, and cousins.  I enjoyed my time tremendously with my Mom Mom and Pop Pop but my Aunts and Uncles are the ones that left me on the floor laughing.   I knew that my Aunt Arsie was perhaps the funniest person I have ever met when I watched Rescue 911 on tv with her and we were watching a man who was on the brink of death being lifted by a helicopter and I was crying from laughing so hard at her fake narration.   I sometimes ached from laughing after spending time with her.  My Uncle Bump and Uncle Norman have been gone for quite some time and honestly as a family we really do not get together anymore.   I was excited when my Aunt Eleanor, Aunt Arsie, and cousin Tracy left a message that she wanted to visit.  I wanted them to meet Audrey and see how much Celia has grown.  The visit was fun.  Both girls enjoyed them and Audrey warmed up fairly quickly, which is not always typical of my shy little girl.  Celia took a total of 30 seconds to warm up to them and share basically every thing she ever had to say with them.  
Oh and Aunt Arsie I meant to thank you for the Toys R Us gift cards you send.  They are spent in the summer as a treat.  Celia actually was over the top excited that she could put a face to those cards as she has me show them to her from time to time.  She now knows exactly what they are for and as I am the queen of thrifty it is not common for her to get things from the store so she is excited for our special summer trip.

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