Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I actually think that I am enjoying Celia's age right now.  At this point in the post Pete is cursing and muttering because he is not loving the age as much.  But honestly in the last few months, I think that she has been easier (not that Celia has ever been a very hard kid, but she has of course gone through those lovely stages).  She entertains herself more and loves to play with Audrey.  There are moments of course but in general she is getting to be a very neat little companion.

Some funny things she has said or done
"Daddy, Audrey can not be a genius, she still stands up on the couch"

"Mommy, I think that I am getting to like Ms. Anna just as much as Ms. Donna (current and former teacher)"
"Great Celia, what do you like about her"
"Well I like that she has curly hair"
"Okay, well anything else?"
"Oh well I love it when she says, everyone look at Celia, look who great Celia is sitting.  I like when she recognizes how good I am"

I had to sleep with Celia on our recent trip to Virginia.  One night I laid down with her and she started talking about all sorts of things and one of the questions she had was what is a word for when someone does not want to play with you because they do not like how you imagine things.  I said that I did not really know but I would think about it.  The next night, I tucked her in and she said, so what is the word.  I did not remember what she was talking about but she reminded me and it was as if we picked up from the night before.  Honestly, we continued the conversation right where we left it!

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