Monday, April 9, 2012

Dear Aunt Susie

Dear Aunt Susie,

I really enjoyed the ride on and push toy that you gave Celia when she was a baby.  Currently though, Mom thinks that I should still be riding it however she has failed to see that I am not a baby.  She thinks I am still a baby/ toddler or whatever however I really think that I need to move onto bigger and better things.  The following snapshots are proof of that.

So if you could fill my Mom in on the fact that the green ride on  is just for babies, that would be great.  I am hoping to secure some sort of motor bike in the next year.

Love always,

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susie said...

motor bike it is! what's the next holiday, 4th of july? we can give presents for the 4th, right? ha ha, just kidding;) love, aunt susie.