Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Keep the Change Rita's

Pete and I took Celia to out local Ritas Water ice on Thursday ( Audrey also had a few tastes). Afterward I sent this email to the company We visited the ritas water ice in downtown @@@@@@@ today and were surprised when my 4 year old found a penny at the bottom of her cup.  We notified one of the employees at the window who told us that it was a tip cup accidently used.  We did not want to cause an issue as their was a long line but really were a bit grossed out by it as money is full of germs. I heard from Ritas today that they were contacting the owner of our local Ritas to respond to me. Celia thankfully did not swallow the penny and so far has suffered no ill effects. Today, the first day of spring, marks free Ritas water ice day. The lines are usually too long however as I passed one I really had no desire to go back anytime soon!! I think we will take our treat business to our local froyo place in town.

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