Sunday, April 22, 2012


This little one threw up all over me on Saturday morning, this was the third time in 6 months.  I think I enjoyed this time the least.  Lucky for me Pete is so paranoid about spreading the bug that he was most concerned with me getting a shower.  So shortly after it happened I was able to get cleaned up and have a nice shower.  In any case she felt puny the whole day and did have some long naps.  Towards the end of the day she was feeling much better and even ate a little.  Today she had an appetite but diarrhea.  Lucky for us Audrey uses the potty for that sort of business so we did not have to deal with the lovely baby tummy bug diapers.  The poor thing was wiped out though and she did not fight me at all with going to bed this evening.  She is spending the day tomorrow with Daddy in the morning and Mommy in the afternoon, no school for her!

So we are wondering who is going to be the next target.  I think that I may have started it.  I have had a cold and felt crummy Friday but had a bit of an upset stomach.  I am hoping that means that I had it!  I took Audrey to the GI doctor on Friday for a check up and the feeling is that she is not going to grow out of her reflux any time soon.  In fact this could be a life long issue for her.  Once you get closer to 18 months, the likely hood of growing out of the condition drops drastically.  She may be able to get off the medicine at certain times but it will likely be something we will always have to watch out for and manage symptoms.  At least this is the opinion of her GI doctor.  I guess at some point it would be worth getting a second opinion.  In any case the GI doctor is questioning whether we have it completely controlled as she still wakes up at night and has this off and on croup like cough which could all be explained by the reflux.  If it is not controlled then she is at risk for some serious complications.  So we have to do an endoscopy.  If it is not controlled then we need to move onto some other forms of treatment.

I feel bad at this point for not taking her to the GI doctor when she was an infant and for not taking it very seriously.  In her case she was a true silent refluxer because she did not spit up anymore then your typical baby.  My nephew spit up and arched his back and did all of the typical behaviors of a baby with reflux.  Audrey screamed but Audrey did not scream around feeding times, she just screamed.  As severe as her reflux is, I am sure this explained many of her symptoms.  We likely did not treat it as aggressively as we could but I did what our pediatrician prescribed.  Seeing her personality now though makes me feel a little bit at ease that even if we had treated it more, she would likely have still been a difficulty baby.  My family knows what I mean!!

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