Saturday, August 13, 2011


updated: This was the first year that I did not have little bubbly hives and a red rash head to toe. The winner was the think baby sunscreen and a close second was badger. The beyond coastal, Pete liked it but I did start to get a small version of my rash with it. But for the first year Pete could not call me his little iguana ( what he called me on our honeymoon due to my head to toe rash)

I posted last year about my search for the perfect sunscreen.  I am basically allergic to sunscreen, actually the combo of sunscreen and sun.  Yes, I am a bowl full of fun.  On our honeymoon, Pete called me his little iguana because I had a head to toe rash and I was scaly. 

In anycase, this summer I decided to just spend some money and go for the good stuff. I looked at a website dedicated to outlining the least toxic sunscreens.  So far, I am impressed.  I often get a tingling/burning feeling when I wear sunscreen.  This summer that has not happened and so far I have not had the rash.  A few spots here and there but nothing compared to what I have experienced in the past.  The biggest test will be at the beach.

So here is what I have purchased.

This has a light scent of lavendar, which has been okay.  I think next time, I would prefer the unscented.  The reviews indicate that it is hard to spread out, but really I have not had major issues with this.  At least I can see where I have put it on.  The main thing I have learned is that you do have to reapply it after swimming for 30 to 40 min.  Honestly though, I think that we are supposed to do that with other sunscreens.  This is not the greatest for the face as if it gets in your eyes, it burns.  I ordered all of my sunscreen on amazon but I did find out that our local Wegmans carries this.
thinkbaby sunscreen SPF30+ benefiting LIVESTRONG, 3 ounces
I purchased his for Audrey but I put it on my face and on Celia's face.  I really, really love this sunscreen but it is the most expensive.  The bonus is that it is a livestrong product so some of the proceeds go to the charity.  It is a very low toxin sunscreen that goes on very smoothly and it smells great.  Next year, I might consider just getting this our trying out their adult sunscreens.  As Audrey does not spend a huge amount of time in the water, I have not been able to see how water resistant it is.  It says it is very water resistant.
Beyond Coastal Active Spf 30 Sunscreen
This is what I purchased, hoping that Pete would use it.  It is the cheapest and I like it.  I can not see any problems with it, I believe that it did score a 2 instead of a 1 on the low toxin level.  But I like the smell and it spreads very well.  Unfortunately, Pete went out and bought himself spray on sunscreen.  I know it is full of toxins, etc.  But he will not get a sun burn, Pete tends to cover every single little inch of his body with sunscreen, he sometimes does a second coat.  But maybe I can convince him to try this out a few times.

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