Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mommy check my....

This is perhaps a more gross post but it has had our family laughing so I thought I would share.  My Mom watched both girls one night while were at the beach so that Pete and I could go out to eat.  Audrey pooped and Mom dumped it in the toilet but forgot to flush it. 

The next morning I was up with Celia and she ran into me, sort of in a panic. 

"Mommy, check my butt to see if I pooped"

"What? You don't know if you did?"

I follow her in the bathroom and determine that her butt is okay.  She then shrugs and says "Oh, that must just be from Audrey"

I can not imagine what went on in her 3 year old brain when she went to pee and well.... thought she did something else.

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