Friday, August 26, 2011


When she will do many impressive things like wipe her own tushy = when she is 4

Last day = yesterday

3 min= 3 hours

No, No I just want to do one more = 1, 001 more

Mommy, when I was a little boy=  I have yet to figure that one out

Some of her additions to her impressive vocabulary

Well it really was not that exciting when asked about her day.

Interesting, respectfully, awesome, redundant (really, my 3 year old used reduntant), actually, and not a fan of

A favorite of mine.  Pete threw her in the pool a little too rough and I got her and put her on the side of the pool.  As she is rubbing her eyes she says "So, Daddy, don't you never do that to me again".
Since Audrey is feeding herself now, she spills a lot.  She had a bunch of peas gathered in her chair and Celia declared (while giggling) that she "pead herself"

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