Thursday, August 18, 2011

Oldie But Goodie

reposted from January 2010 when Celia was 2.  Her personality has become even stronger!!

Yes that is right. This wasn't at home, this was at school and yes she has done this before!! I arrived to pick Celia up today and I saw her in a different shirt, I sort of knew that wasn't a good sign. So Miss. Maryanne- the college girl that takes care of Celia in the afternoon- told me that Celia put her dress in the toilet as she was pooping in the toilet/after she did it. She wasn't sure why, she knew it wasn't an accident. The note from Celia's teacher didn't indicate that it was an accident. Celia's explanation to me later indicated that she didn't like what Miss. Holli said to her. She also evidently did not want to help to clean up so they wouldn't let her eat her yogurt (they use that as a reward sometimes with her, don't worry I pack her plenty for lunch). She evidently didn't care about consequences today. That is my sweet, sweet, little girl. This one..

She isn't always perfect for us, but she sure doesn't act like that at home. I am sorry for her teacher and I do follow through at home when she has days like this. I work with students who all have behavior issues and I am trained to deal with these issues. So my daughter should be perfectly behaved at school, that is my theory. On days like this I think that I should make her a picture schedule for school, get her a reward chart, and track her progress. But... you don't do that with a normal 2 year old do you?
Look at her, she is so cute, so much easier when she didn't think that she could do everything.

So she is mine, all mine. I love her spunk. I love that when I asked her if she made good choices today, her response was "Well, probably, no". But she was still happy as could be. I let her know that we were not watching Handy Manny today because of her behavior- she already knew that. Her response was "Cause I put my dress in the toilet?" Oh and the dress, the dress. My Mom can guess which dress it was. It is a dress that I liked when I picked it out for $1 at a church sale but as Celia wanted to wear it every chance she can, I don't like it as much. So that dress might be hidden for awhile. When we came home, we practiced her cutting. She is doing amazingly at cutting, without very much practice. Her little hand was getting tired by the evening but she made Daddy some book marks. She made Miss. Donna a house and cut on the lines, almost perfectly. She loves it. Amazing. But my little arts and crafts diva will not be using her scissors tomorrow if she has another day like this...

Amazing. But she stuck her dress down the toilet- again.

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