Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Rain Stomper

Celia and I like the book The Rain Stomper.  I read it to her for the first time last summer and we read it again earlier this summer.  We do not own it, we get it from the Library.  I love the library, honestly.  I am not into accumulating clutter and that includes books.  So the library is perfect.  Celia often gets excited over her new books too, so it works out perfectly.

In anycase, the other day it was raining out.  It was warm and the rain was coming down very softly and Celia wanted to go out.  So I decided, why not.  She looked at me like I was crazy.  I told her, that she needed to take a shower anyway, so she might as well get wet and then we will just clean her up in the shower.  Well I guess she could not let herself go all crazy.  I was going to send her out in her clothes and barefeet or flip flops.  Nope.  She had other ideas.  We had to get on the rain boots and the rain coat.  I was amazed that her size 24 month rain coat still fit, actualy I think it is getting snug around the arm pits.  That $2 consignment sale raincoat has held up well.  The pockets are starting to tear so I am not sure it was last for Audrey.  But she had a blast.  Audrey and I did venture out with her, underneath an umbrella.  Normally I would have joined Celia but I did not think Audrey would appreciate it.

I even let her play in the parking lot a bit because that is where the best puddles were!  So maybe we will get another chance this summer to be a rain stomper.

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