Friday, April 22, 2011

Big Sister

So Celia had her first scrape the other day.  Yes, her first.  I know she had stitches in the summer, but that was a fall from a ladder.  Celia has never injured herself falling while running, she has fallen but never drawn blood.  She is showing off her scrape proudly.

She loves Audrey still and we have not seen a whole lot of jealousy yet but she has informed Pete and I that she needs a lot of "tention".  Yes, because we did not know that!!  She can get Audrey to laugh and often to stop crying, that comes in handy!! But... she is going to strangle or squish Audrey one day with her constant "hugs".

She just finished up another round of soccer shots and she enjoyed it but I don't think it is her absolute favorite thing to do.  She showed off her moves to me, in the middle of hiking up her pants every time she ran.  It is the spring, outgrowing size 3T but really not ready for 4T!!

I am looking forward to summer humidity to start styling her curls, I am not great with hair at all.

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