Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Little Things

I am not a materialistic person but after I put Celia to bed the other day, I walked around the house and thought that some material things really mean a lot.  These are not things that I will hang on to but it is telling of our life right now...

Celia's little sneakers, lined up by the bathroom.  They are lined up there because I wanted her to put them by the front door and she put them by the bathroom do basically to just control the situation.  But.. I wasn't in the mood to push the battle at the moment.  These sneakers are pink inside and she is finally excited to where sneakers vs dressy shoes because they are pink inside.  They are her soccer shots shoes, her playground shoes, and her "I can run so fast" shoes.  I love those little sneakers.

 We have these random dollhouse dolls throughout the house.  Celia loves her dolls, big, small, skinny, naked, naked, naked dolls.   Celia can make up elaborate play scenarios with her little dolls and Celia can drive us all crazy with her little dolls, especialy if she forgets to bring one to bed.

Then we have Audrey.  This is not the best picture of this toy, but this was the first toy she played with.  My Mom gave it to her and it is a big, crinkly butterfly that she kicks with her feet, crushes with her hands, etc.   For me, the first time she played with this toy made me feel like there was an end in sight.  Audrey is attached to me or someone at all times and for her to take an interest in toys and entertain herself just seems so freeing..

So do a "thing" walk around your house and see how many of the items are so very telling of what is going on in your life..

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