Thursday, September 4, 2014

Let the festivities begin

Tomorrow my baby turns 7.  The age feels no more shocking to me then 6, honestly.

So we had Celia's family party on Saturday.
She requested a frozen cake.
Then she was okay with an olaf cake.
This is the olaf I came up with, I thought I did a decent job.

Then I tried my hand with fondant.  I used fondarific.
Olaf and the accessories were made out of eidable magic dough by wilton.
So this is the Olaf in the summer time cake.

This is the proud birthday girl awaiting her gifts.

Receiving her puppy from Grandma and Grandpa.
She received Christoff, the noisy and moving puppy, talking olaf, and an Anna Costume.
Olaf does not stop talking which is a problem because his wonder doesn't either.

Getting ready to blow out her candles and little sis watching on.

My big girls is getting bigger but she is still little.  
We have a few years to go before the tween years start.
I think 7 is going to the best of any of them!

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