Saturday, September 13, 2014

The pictures on my phone

A pretzel trip into town the Tues before school started.  Audrey double dipping like crazy and Celia getting annoyed.  Even though she does it too!  This is my ultimate sacrifice as since I was pregnant with Audrey my stomach no longer tolerates my favorite food in quantities larger then 2 bites.  Celia is quick to remind me if I break off to large of a piece!

At Pizzera Uno the kids can make their own pizza.  They give them a chefs hat and everything.  They do not put the adult order in until the pizzas are made so everything comes out together.  It was fun!

This is more like my recent photos, this one is excitement over finding matching paint so I don't have to repaint the bathroom.  It is not that yellow, it is the picture.

If you had seen the before... I sent this to Pete so he could be proud.  Getting our house ready for sale is making me luny.

I leave you with this.  She is sound asleep.  I ignored the whines and drama and refused to go up for the 89th time.  Since then things have been better.  Giving up a nap has been hard for this kiddo, put her to bed too late and she gets a second wind.  So we have started bedtime earlier and it has made a difference.  Getting her in bed by 7:30 is hard!

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