Sunday, March 2, 2014

Helicopter Museum

We have a local Helicopter Museum that I have taken classes to visit on field trips but the girls have never been.  It is on the pricey side and it is is not very large at all.  I found a groupon though and we headed there on a Saturday morning.

The girls loved sitting in the helicopters together and pretending to fly them.  They had to take turns flying them and I had to sit in various spots in the helicopter.  We lost Daddy for awhile when we first got there as he was the only one among us interested in the actual history of the helicopters.  They had a little kid's spot too that the girls enjoyed pressing the buttons.  They had a medical helicopter set up with injured mannequins.

The highlight though was the following video.  The girls cold press a button and a fan started and blew a miniature helicopter in the air.  But they really just liked standing and feeling the fan…

They did enjoy looking at the many different helicopters.  I personally would have liked more interactive museum and the mannequins need some work.  They all had paint peeling from them and some had been touched up but with a different paint color so they really looked interesting.  They have a big helicopter that is usually open for a tour outside but unfortunately it was closed on the day we visited.  I know the museum is completely run by volunteers and I imagine this explains some of the things.  Budgets are likely tight too.

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