Monday, March 10, 2014

Sneaky Snacky Squirrel

I have been searching for a new game that both Audrey and Celia could play together.  I also knew that if I found the right game it would be perfect for my preschoolers, since Audrey is around that age group.

I decided to purchase the Sneaky Snacky Squirrel.  I will have to say that I really like the game.  I have used it with several preschoolers and with both girls.  Audrey even chose to play with it one day when I asked what we should do together. 

 It took some lessons to teach Audrey how to use the Squirrel tweezers that it came with but she quickly picked it up and is a pro now.
The game comes with a spinner and the game box is the game board too.  It has a tree inside of the game box and you spread colored plastic acorns inside.  Each player has a log with 5 colored holes.  
The goal is to get all of the 5 different colored acorns in your log.  You do this by spinning the spinner and landing on several options- pick 1 acorn, pick 2 acorns, pick a specified color of acorn, steal an acorn from another player (the sneaky squirrel) or lose your turn.

So overall the Sneaky Snacky squirrel gets a thumbs up at out house!

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Amy G said...

Maya is loving it now too! She's not great with the squirrel tweezers though.. although the one time we played with Dave he wasn't either :)- she's SO him!