Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Napping Still Remains Dressy

I just have not felt in a writing mode so this blog has remained picture heavy but I do want to update a bit on life as it is… which has no major changes or excitement in it.  I am fine with that too!!

Audrey continues to love dressing up for nap time.  She often remains in the fancy dresses after nap time too.  I love it.  It is something simple that I can do to help with nap time and to make her feel extra special or princessy.  It is so full of childhood nonsense that I think it is great.  Ask me that though on a day where I just really want her to go down quickly for a nap and she just has to take her time changing into that fancy dress…

Enjoy the pictures.  I allow the girls to have one or two lollipops a week, sometimes more, but that is what Audrey is diving into in the pictures.  She is picking one out for Celia too.

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