Sunday, March 30, 2014


I just have not been in the mood for writing lately. Nothing really exciting has been going on, which is usually a good thing.

This past week Celia was on Spring Break, but no one else in the family was on break. That presented a problem for the days that I work- which was Wed-Fri this week. So Celia got her on little vacation with Grandma and Grandpa Tuesday to Thurday in which she had a fabulous time. I so appreciate that they agreed to take on such a difficult and unmanageable child, Ha!! I say that with great sarcasm. Celia was very well behaved as she is more often then not and evidently everyone had a blast. From what I understand they went to the movies and then just hung around the house having fun. Pete was away Tuesday to Thursday so it was just Audrey and I. Grandpa was worried about Audrey's reaction to Celia getting to stay at their house but she was FINE. She loved the undivided attention and the Audrey catered dinners.

I took Audrey to the Disney Store on the way home from dropping Celia off at her Grandparents.  We saw Olaf from Frozen.  She thought he was hilarious.  Of course she seemed to be more fascinated by the mannequins at the GAP store and the Loft.  Honestly, we could have shopped for hours.  I had to drag her away from them at the Gap.  At the Loft they were naked and well that really tickled Audrey.
Even though it did not cross her little mind that we could take anything home from the Disney store.  I did something unlike myself and sprung for Chilly from Doc McStuffins to complete our collection.  The girls love to play with these characters.

 It felt weird to me just having the one child as a responsibility. In any case, Celia returned on Thursday and Pete returned on Thursday so everything was back to normal. The girls stayed with Pete on Friday. It was a snow make-up day for me. I have ALOT of them!!! Luckily I have only 2 to go now.

After work on Friday,  Pete left to run errands and the girls wanted to play outside.  It was warm out but really windy.
Yeah, she refused to have her hair put up.  So most of the time she went around with one hand on her hair.

Love that we have this huge field right near our house

It looks like she is picking her nose but there was a pile of cow manure for fertilizer and she just could not stand it!

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