Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Post In Which I Show my Face

So a little known fact about me- I am not a Dr. Seuss fan.

Okay, let the shock and horror wear off.  As a child I actually remember throwing a fit when my sister tried to read Dr. Seuss books to me.  I just did not get them.  As a teacher, I have actually used Dr. Seuss themes but still not the biggest fan.

So when I found out that as a homeroom Mom for Celia's Kindergarten class, we would need to help or at least help organize making Dr. Seuss hats for the entire classroom for I think the month of March (read across America), I was not overly eager at the idea.  So a few weeks ago the discussion of actually making the hats began.  I picked up the materials from Celia's teacher who wanted to me to know that there were other people to help and to please not feel like I had to tackle this on my own.  I sort of laughed at that, thinking there is no way I would make all those hats.

So I got home and started sorting through the hat making process.  I have fabric cutting boards and a rotary cutter and that honestly helped me to knock out hat strips in seconds.  It surprised me.  Audrey thought the process was great.  I would cut a strip and well… take a look for yourselves.

She let me know that I was super cold.  We went on a walk shortly after this and she was completely devastated that I did not wear this outside.

So I sewed the strips together.  That is where I intended to stop and pass the job on to someone else.
But I was nervous, did I make them big enough?  Were they okay? 

So I decided to just make one.  I discovered it was easy, it was fun, and it looked like a hat.  I like sewing but that is not my talent (race walking sure, swimming sure, giving birth in the parking lot sure, drawing, sure)- not sewing!!


I made 18 of these things.  There are 17 kids in the class, I made an extra for "just in case"

They have not tried them on their heads yet, and I am nervous about that.
I tried them on my own head and Celia's head and Audrey's head.   

I have to say, I am more embarrassed that I made all the hats myself.  It really should have been a team effort though as of yet I am thinking that no one really minded.  I think I needed a project and that met the need.  


Diana Lesjak said...

Very cute... I just can't get over the shock tho!!

Amy G said...

Very cute! I'm not a Dr. Seuss fan either. I can't stand most of the books. People can't believe I admit this as a teacher. My mom abhorred them and rarely read them to us. It bothers me how nonsensical they are.